Quality - the most important thing!

Telšių praktika is engaged in the production of badges, medals and placards since 1965. The production is made using old technologies, preserving the authenticity and traditions of the production process. Each medal and badge is carefully processed and hand-painted, thus ensuring the authenticity of Telšiai Practice and the existence of the creative spirit!

A glimpse into the future. . .

UAB "Telšių praktika" located in the very capital of Samogitia - the city of Telšiai. The vision and look to the future of the company is defined by the principle of an indescribable love for creativity and fostering creativity. UAB "Telšių Praktika" - it is a company in which creative spaces are created with the help of increasingly advanced technologies. An important goal for the company is to ensure the creation of creative spaces, to foster the authenticity of the creation of handmade products, born in 1965.